SCS understands that the data from the collection of environmental samples is the foundation of decisions made in our industry.  With multiple direct-push units, SCS specializes in


providing environmental sampling services for subsurface investigations throughout the Midwest.

  • Angle and Vertical 
    • Soil/Groundwater Sampling
    • Air Sparge/soil Vapor Sampling                                      
  • Reagent Injection (Bottom to top/Top to bottom)
  • Large Bore Soil Sampler/Marco-Core Soil Sampler
  • Dual Tube Soil Sampling
  • Discrete Screen Point Sampler
  • Pre-Pack Screen Installation
  • Temporary Piezometer Installation
  • Membrane Interface Probing (MIP)
  • High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC)

Contact Curt Luebbert @ or (260) 497-9006